Parapulse Tuck

Still images from Parapulse Tuck video works

Curatorial Statement

The Tensile project is a set series of 6 releases. Each release will be a curated compilation of sound and video artists, invited to collaborate in the production of a double CD, one CD for sound work, the other for video. An 8 or 16 page booklet, including written text and images, will accompany each double CD release.

The thematic foundation for the Tensile project is that of unrealized architectures; each compilation will explore ideas about theoretical architecture, such as escape structures or trans-architectures. Many of these curated projects have and will be shown in galleries, museums and festivals.

Thanks for this series goes out to all at Archigram , Hollein, Soleri, Hadid and Liebskind amongst many others.

'Parapulse Tuck' is the second project of the Tensile series. For this project, C0C0S0L1DC1T1 commissioned sound and video artists from Canada, England, Australia, France and Mexico. The artists collaborated to produce a 4-6 minute sound and video work for projection at the ‘Champ Libre’ festival in Montreal and also for a video and sound CD release. For this project, the artists were asked to take sound and video footage of a bridge of their own choice in the city they lived in. The footage taken would then be used as their source material for the project. Found sound and images/video were used as an integral part of producing the work. Parapulse Tuck, was released by C0C0S0L1DC1T1 in the format of a double CD, one that held video and the other sound.

Still images from 'Parapulse Tuck' video works:

Image by Graham Clayton Chance

Image by Renato Ornelas and Luis Miguel Charry

Image by Emma McRae

Image by Beewoo

Image by Gerald Groult

Parapulse Tuck